Sunday, January 2, 2011

New York- Mark Forgione (reposted from beauty blog)

If you watch Food Network's The Next Iron Chef you will know this chef and this restaurant! Marc Forgione was the winner of The Next Iron Chef this season! Throughout the whole show everything thing he cooked looked so good (he didn't look too bad himself ;)! I was planing on going to NY and was SO excited when I remembered his restaurant was there! 

We had reservations for 10:15. We arrived on time at Restaurant Marc Forgione and they still had people at our table. We went to the bar to grab a drink while we waited.

His- Red Wine
Hers- Sparkling Wine

After we got our drinks we were escorted to our table. After our server shared some of the specials of the night we looked through the menu full of yummy food! We decided to partake in the "tasting menu". Words or pictures can't describe how good everything was, but I'll try anyways! To be honest, I wish I took notes on what I was eating! 

Left- A bite of a potato in the best cream sauce ever. It tasted like a baked potato but BETTER.
Middle- Butternut squash soup. I didn't think I would like it, but the flavor was so sweet and great!
Right- Celery root puree. WOW! I've never had celery root before but I am definitely a fan now!
Very buttered bread with extra caramelized onion butter.

Left- A palate cleanser. It was some sort of herb you rolled on your tongue that made it tingly.
Middle- Avocado mousse and hiramasa, a preview of the next dish.
Right- The BEST potato chip I've had in my life!

Hiramasa tartar. DELICIOUS. It also cleared my sinuses with the wasabi flavor!

Raw scallops with some sort of oil/lemon sauce. 

Raw oyster with BBQ, cheeses, porchetta powder, lime, and a shot of beer. HEAVEN.

The pasta dish. Stuffed pasta with assorted mushrooms (black truffles included), pouched egg, and the best chicken broth. I could not get enough of this!!

Baby halibut, cauliflower puree (my favorite part, it was just soo goood), with a roasted hazelnut and capers sauce. The bones and tail are deep fried which made them edible! The tail had a very smokey flavor but the bones were a little too boney for me (literally!).

Duck with an amazing emulsion of some sort, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato. I'm not a duck fan but this was so good! It tasted like a prime rib!

Aged potato, ribeye, mushrooms, kale, and ginger ketchup. Ginger ketchup should be sold in store nationwide, just saying.

Apple cider sorbet. A nice little light treat before the REAL DESSERTS!

 Peanut butter cake with marshmallow whipped cream and ice cream. By this time I could barely eat anymore but I had to have a bite of everything!

Hot chocolate ice cream sundae with a churro like bite. GENIUS. Hot chocolate on top an ice sundae?! Pure genius I say.

After our meal (actually I think meal is an under statement!) the chef himself, Marc Forgione, came to greet us! He was so nice and just so awesome! We all chatted a bit and asked him about life after The Next Iron Chef and then we got a picture!

Matt, Marc Forgione, Me
Around 1:10 am we left the restaurant full and satisfied! It was a very awesome experience and I can not wait to go back to New York just to go there again!


  1. i got hungry looking at some of those dishes *drools*

  2. omg you ordered so many dishes! i know they're small but there's so much effort put into all of them! looks so delicious

    F. ( x

  3. What a great meal! It had me drooling esp. the ice cream sundae! Love your blog and you're very pretty!

  4. everything looks so delicious!
    how wonderful

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog and so lucky the first post I read is this one. I'm super super jealous you got to eat here! Everything looks good. So sad I am only left with my imagination to dream of what this all would taste like. >_<

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  7. Oh my goodness all that food looks delicious:) Have a great day, kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful dress GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for summer!

  8. oh wow this looks so yummie:)

  9. What a wonderful meal! I would love to go this restaurant if I'm in NY :)

  10. Oh my stars!! Delicious much?!
    I especially like the sound of the desserts, but oh all of it really.
    If only I could go to New York...


  11. Everything looks delicious! Thank you for sharing - this is on my must try list!

  12. This night out seems like a great experience...I loved the wasabi and all the fish portions. and the dessert looked to die for!

    xo Nav

  13. Everything looks pretty darn amazing!! My mouth is watering now :)

  14. Sounds amazig! You had a lovely experience! <3<3

  15. Looks like a really fun time, the food looks delish!

  16. Thankyou so much for your comment~
    The fooood omg im always a sucker for food at nice restaurants! Everything looks do delicious, and wow an Iron Chef! How exciting and even a photo with him haha id be so in awe! Would love to travel to NY to also try this out someday!

  17. Oh god,everything looks delicious!

  18. Wow - drool... Everything looks amazing!

  19. *drools* the food looks delicious!
    And you describing them makes them sound even better xD Goodness, jealous!! hahaha


  20. oooh the food looks yum! I haven't watched The Next Iron Chef but looking at your photos, I'm sure he was amazing!

  21. I am so jealous of your dining experience. Everything looks amazing, and then you got to meet a iron chef. I die!!


  22. everything looks so so good! :)


  23. Wow! The food looks absolutely amazing!
    Happy New Year!

  24. You look gorgeous and the food looks yummy!!

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  26. Oh my goodness. I'm sitting on my couch drooling at everything. This ... is like everything I've ever wanted in a meal. I'm so jealous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Great photos! :)

  28. super cute blog!
    and wow. i have a craving for that peanut butter cake this early in the morning!!! mmm. looks yummy.

  29. OMG - the food looks amazing! And you are always super gorgeous my dear ;)

  30. this is just amazing! I have to go there :)

  31. How fun and all the food looks so delicious! That is so great that you got to meet the chef... it makes the experience all the more memorable!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

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  33. Yuuummm... Everything looks so good! I don't think we have food like that here in Utah! lol

  34. ohhh the scallops look DELICIOUS! yummm makes me wanna go have oysters tonight lol

  35. Wow! Everything sounds indescribably yummy! What an amazing night ;)

  36. Love these pics! You guys went all out :D Everything looks delicious!

  37. Wow, looks yummy and so well presented!

  38. everything look so good, and how awesome that you got to meet him!

  39. my favorite scallop! yay cravings now..all yummmy foodss

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  41. The food looks so yummy! The scallop ceviche looks so fresh, and the desserts look amazing :)

    x Gi