Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pho at Xe Lua Vietnamese Restaurant- Chinatown, New York

Another restaurant we visited in Chinatown, New York was Xe Lua Vietnamese Restaurant. Pho for 5 bucks?! How could we go wrong?!


Iced Vietnamese coffee
Matt's drink of choice in the 30 degree weather.

Hot Vietnamese coffee.
So good and strong!

Pho with garnishes.

Pho with their very distinct green chopsticks.
 The food came out fat and hot! It wasn't the BEST pho we've had before. The beef was a little chewy, BUT for 5 bucks a bowl, we were not complaining!

After we ate we looked around at some of the asian markets. We thought this was so interesting.. bins FULL of various dried seafood..

Dried seafood.
We can't wait to go back to find more interesting foods to eat and try!


  1. wow pho for 5 bucks! You can't go wrong with that :)

  2. Really? Darn, I liked in NYC all my life and I didn't notice a $5 pho place lol

  3. 30 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? Hmmm, NY is pretty darn cold now LOL
    But I LOVE pho. And yeah, China Town food prices are unbeatable. For $5 I can get good pho too here - and for the larger size it's soooo big that even I can't finish it and I usually eat a ton in one sitting. It's awesome considering even fast food stuff in the mall is now $10-$12 for a plate of food :S

  4. Wishing you a great blogging new year.

  5. OMG I want some of this right now!! lol...

    Just stopping by to send some blog lovin your way! Always checking our your adds and sponsors!

  6. Pho look very delicious.. thank for the sweet comment.... happy easter day